As many of you know I have been working to incorporate 2 additional forums into

Recently we welcomed the Tin Foil Palace into the fold and I have incorporated the forums to accommodate Sustainable Country as well.

However you may not see these forums in the main listings or in the search. That is because they are opt-in only and you need to tell the forums you want to see them.

Here's what you do.
You can just follow this link:

Or if you forget it, you click "Settings" in the upper right, and then "Permission Groups" on the left side.

Pick the ones you want and those are the ONLY threads you will see in the forums :-) - Both in the main listing and search.
There are 3 groups. You MUST subscribe to each of the main groups. If you want to see an empty forum, turn them all off ;-P and see.

I will be making a landing forum for new members and for public visitors that explains what they need to do in order to participate.