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Thread: Server Migration

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    Server Migration

    No, its not coming up. It's already done.

    The migration took about 18 min this morning and has ramped up an already sick system speed wise. The Virtual system has been upgraded from Xen to KVM. KVMs are much faster compared to Xen. For example, in UnixBench testing a KVM scored 3x better than a Xen setup on identical hardware. During a kernel compile, a KVM setup completed 28% faster compared to a Xen setup.

    Which is basic technobabble for even faster machines.

    Best thing I ever did was switch to these dedicated setups on linode. Def not the cheapest around... but damn they are blazingly fast.

    So if anyone noticed the downtime... well that's why -)

    Happy Father's Day
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    I know what work it is to keep servers going,
    so I really mean this,
    thank you for all of what you do

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    You the man. Ditto for the Dad thing, too.

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    Thanks, Alex. You rock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spacecase0 View Post
    thank you for all of what you do
    Yes, I could not agree more. I really appreciate it. Thanks for the digital home.
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    Thanks very much Alex. Glad to have someone as dedicated as you. Happy Fathers Day to you and every Father out there.
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    Ditto all the thanks and good luck with the didgeridoo playing
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    Thank you for this smooth running forum. I appreciate all the effort and love coming here.

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