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Thread: Upgraded the server last month

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    Upgraded the server last month

    Hope you had a good holiday.

    I upgraded the server last month. Nobody noticed because there was zero downtime :P

    Some stats now that I have enough statistics under the bridge.

    First, I am doing roughly 4.5 million connections per month on the new server. (more sites than just us obviously)
    For those 4-5M connections we are averaging about 7% CPU load. (we actually only peaked at 24% and that was just backups running nightly)
    We have been putting out about 97 gigs of data per month. - My contract covers 4000 GB (4 Terabytes) of traffic each month. So basically I'm using about 2.5% of available bandwidth.
    My main site used to pull all the images, jscript, and css from Amazon cloud. I pulled the plug on Amazon as this setup is faster bandwidth if you can believe it. No sense paying for both.

    I've actually had 2 ISP related outages at the home setup, which I am shutting down this month. Obviously, those were outages that no longer affected us here.

    So we've got about 50X growth room in bandwidth, and 12X room in CPU and zero downtime.
    I can double my availability (amount of bandwidth and number of CPU cores) with the push of a button should it ever become necessary.

    Those are some pretty comfortable numbers.

    Anyway, I thought you would appreciate hearing some of the details of what seems like a very successful move

    Have a great weekend everyone!

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    NY Longbow, many thanks for the great service. It is appreciated I am sure by and all here. I know I do. I am glad there were no interruptions or down time to experience. Good work and thanks again. I hope everything on the farm is going well. How are the animals? Thanks Defshepard.
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    Thank you NYL. Love it.
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