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Thread: Simple Rules of Conduct

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    Simple Rules of Conduct

    We will be adding more clarification to the rules shortly but for now a few simple common sense rules apply.

    1.) The forum is about the impending doom and the loss of society in many forms. That doesn't mean we will practice the wild west mentality here first :-) Personal attacks will not be allowed. There is no reason to attack each other. If you can't discuss like an adult, this forum is not for you.

    2.) Most doom related subjects are fine. Subjects that are outwardly racist and hateful will not be allowed. If you think you belong to the master race, keep it to yourself. If you feel you have to project and promote that here, you wont last long.

    3.) Once a mod has made a decision that's final. If you have a beef with the decision you can take it to PM. If you have a problem down deep with authority and think you're going to argue your way to every last point, you may just want to lurk. If the mods have no teeth there is no order. That cant happen.

    4.) Copying and reposting works from other sites is strictly forbidden. Links are ok. Your comments on the links are ok. Taking work from others is theft and we will not condone theft.

    5.) Respect each other like you would yourselves (perhaps better) and this place will be your doom sanctuary. Act like an asshat and your stay with us will be short. Common cents is the best currency here.

    That's it for now. Enjoy getting your doom on.
    Alex & The Silent Country ModSquad.

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    I'd like to expand on #4 a bit. You're going to have to be a little creative in your writing abilities here and put it into your own words to describe what you're sending folks to. Don't just post a link and leave it at that - give some incentive for the reader to want to click on it to find out what's on the other end. But, quoting directly from the article won't be allowed and will be deleted immediately.

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