A few changes.

1.) I have setup woodsy as an Admin with permissions to accept new users. Woodsy, I will send you a PM asap regarding how to handle this and how to get into the admin. I do NOT leave the default link working as that is how sites get hacked. You will find that 90% of the requests are spam bots. I will try and school you a bit on how to spot them but ultimately you will miss some. Just be on the watch for anyone that you need to ban if/when they get by.

2.) I have also gone through the big list of new user apps and tried to screen out all the spam bots I could. One may get through so if you see anything that is clearly spam just report the post and I will get it as soon as I can.

3.) Lastly, although life for me is beyond insane (for reasons nobody here has any info on) I do try to login as often as I can.. which usually means once a day or every other day. If there is some problem with a post (spam or crossing a reasonable line in a debate/argument) you HAVE to report the post to make sure i can see it and deal with it. Despite my best intentions and personal desire, I cannot read every thread and every post. But I have seen only a handful of reported threads in the past 2+ yrs and of the ones that I did see, only one needed deleting by me. I consider this group all above the petty thunderdome BS of LATOC and as such I avoid censoring at nearly all costs. Nearly though.. so if there is a problem assume my ESP won't catch it and let me know via the report button.

Woodsy, I'll get to you this week. The list of new member requests is currently empty so there is no rush.

Spent the day today castrating 4 bulls - each 21 months old. I may be only 51 but days like today i feel 81 lol.

More asap.